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Your Loyal Subjects: National Portrait Gallery Walking Tour


On this fascinating tour of the National Portrait Gallery you will discover members of the Jewish...

Women of Worth Walking Tour


Celebrate the month of International Women’s Day, to discover Jewish and non-Jewish women alike...

Freud in Hampstead Walking Tour


Explore the memories of the Freud family in Hampstead.

The City: A Walk of Jewish Firsts Walking Tour


Set against the backdrop of the City of London we highlight the stories of Jewish Firsts, many of...

Stokey: A Jewish Village Walking Tour


This tour provides an insight into the early Jewish migration from the East End northwards and...

Stitch, Stitch, Stitch Walking Tour


This tour explores the background to the ever-changing garment trade that once dominated the East...

Theology to Theatre, Morals to Music: Hoop Lane Cemetery Walking Tour


This popular tour highlights the history of the Sephardi and Reform cemeteries together with the...

Royal Connections Walking Tour


This tour in and around Westminster follows in the footsteps of British monarchs (and a...

Poetry and Parades: The East End and WWI Walking Tour


To commemorate the centenary of the end of WWI, this tour highlights the Jewish East End...

The V&A with a Jewish Twist: Highlight and Sacred Silver Walking Tour


This tour of the V&A profiles its fascinating history and architecture before focusing on...