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My Life and Work: Bernard Kops at 90

Date: Sunday 27 November 2016

Time: 4.30-6.15pm

Price: Free with museum entry

Categories: talks

Hear poetry readings from Bernard Kops himself, and enjoy a new documentary about his life and work in this celebration of Bernard's 90th birthday.

‘The Hamlet of Canfield Gardens’ is directed by Jill Campbell and looks at Bernard Kops as he comes to terms with a major theme in his life, death. He manages to do so with humor, poetry and good old fashioned chutzpah. Combining vérité footage with traditional Jewish music, Kops’ poetry is utilized to delve in and out of indelible moments from his life.

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Bernard Kops at 90 (ADULT) - JME 598


Bernard Kops at 90 (CONC) - JME 598