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Genealogy of the Future

Date: Wednesday 9 December 2015

Time: 6.30-8.00pm

Price: Free with museum entry

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The work of determining lines of Jewish kinship is primarily understood as oriented toward the past, as a recovery of memory or “heritage”, often in the service of present identity.

In fact, the recitation of what we commonly call “blood ties” has always been oriented toward the future as well—often, but not only, in the process of contracting marriages and so continuing families.

Professor Boyarin will discuss what happens when we start to think of Jewish genealogy and "blood ties" as oriented towards the future.

Jonathan Boyarin is Mann Professor of Modern Jewish Studies and Professor of Anthropology at Cornell University. His work centers on Jewish communities and on the dynamics of Jewish culture, memory and identity.

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Photographs from:‘I am my family’ by Rafael Goldchain

Lectures in partnership with the Pears Institute for the study of Antisemitism, Birkbeck, University of London.

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Genealogy of the Future (ADULT) - JME 517


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