Jewish Museum - London


Shall We Dance

Date: Thursday 12 December 2013

4pm matinee

Price: 12 (10 concessions) - to book please contact: [email protected]

Categories: performance

An award winning play from Israel

created by Yoav Bartel and Abigail Rubin

adapted by Brian Daniels

starring Yoav Bartel

directed & choreographed by Abigail Rubin

At a popular Israeli Folk Dance class the teacher, Eitan Harari, reveals the sources of his artistic inspiration - his experiences as a young soldier and his lacklustre love life. SHALL WE DANCE has been delighting audiences throughout Israel and at European Festivals for the last three years.

Recipient of the 2010 Israeli Kipod Hazahav Award for Best Playwright, Best Play and Best Performer.