Jewish Museum - London


75 Years On: The British Far Right

Date: Tuesday 18 October 2011

Time: 7pm

Price: 10 including free entry to the galleries

Categories: talk 1936: radical roots

In the 1930s the British far right mounted a sustained attack against Jews. Today the BNP and EDL have extended their attack to new groups, using the old rhetoric of hate and segregation to promote anti-Islamic agendas. Furthermore, in a bizarre reversal of history, both organisations are currently employing a divisive strategy in seeking to recruit members from minority communities to this end.

Join author Nick Ryan (Homeland and A World of Hate) and journalists Padraig Reidy (News Editor, Index on Censorship) and Nick Lowles (Searchlight) for a debate about activism, nationalism and political memory. Chaired by Rebecca Taylor (News Editor, Time Out)

This event is part of 1936: Radical Roots, a programme marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street and the International Brigades in Spain and commemorating the fight against fascism at home and abroad.

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