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Who do you think would use this object?

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227 years old

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Tallit Bag

Tallit Bag

This beautifully decorated tallit bag was made in 1786.

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The Object

Object name: Tallit bag
Date: 1786
Catalogue number: JM 182
Material(s): green velvet, white canvas lining, gold thread, green and red cord.
Size: 25cm in height and 15cm in width
On display in the Jewish Museum? Yes

  • This tallit bag was used almost 230 years ago but bags similar to this one are still used today.
  • Look closely at the tallit bag to find the writing at the top.  Translated into English it says ‘Isaac Cansino, son of Moses. 1786.’ The inscription tells us the owner’s name.  On the reverse the owner’s name is shown again, this time in Hebrew.
  • This object was made from rare and expensive materials.  The bag is made from green velvet, and the tassels and drawstring are made from red and green striped cord.  The decoration is all gold thread.  This object is nearly 230 years old so the colours have faded over time.  When the tallit bag was made the colours would have been much brighter.

The Story

A tallit bag stores a prayer shawl, in Hebrew a prayer shawl is called a tallit.  Wearing a tallit is a stage in a person’s life and marks a change in the way they are regarded by the Jewish community.

Growing Up
A tallit is usually given to a boy at either his bar mitzvah or on his wedding day.  It is worn when praying.  In some congregations women wear a tallit too though the Torah exempts women from this practice.

A tallit bag is often given as a gift and has the name of the owner embroidered onto it as well as decorations like this one.

Digital Takeaway

Download this PDF to design your own tallit bag.

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