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Remember the Jewish Museum in your Will: help us to explore and celebrate Jewish heritage and to educate and inspire future generations.

By leaving a legacy to the Jewish Museum you will help ensure the stories of Jewish life in Britain continue to be told, and make a positive and lasting contribution to present and future generations.

The Museum also welcomes the offer of gifts and loans: this can be discussed in detail with the Museum’s curators.

What your gift will do

Your gift can help the Museum, and the communities it serves, by supporting our education programme, helping us to conserve and add to our collections, or funding the curatorial team who care for our collections and create new and exciting exhibitions, and much more. This year 14,000 schoolchildren have taken part in Museum workshops, in which our learning team use our collections and galleries to explain and bring to life all aspects of Jewish religion and history. Demand for our education programmes, and for our specialist sessions combating anti-semitism, is continually increasing - and your legacy could help us reach out to more schoolchildren every year.

Our world-renowned and Designated collection includes the earliest known English Hanukah lamp, from 1709 and a beautiful Purim Scroll from 1647 by renowned engraver Salom Italia recently restored to its former glory by a legacy gift. The acquisition and conservation of these items are examples of what generous donations and legacies can enable the Museum to do.  Our collections are translated into remarkable and innovative exhibitions by our curators and the research they undertake. Your legacy can endow a curatorial post to enable the Jewish Museum to continue to flourish long into the future.

How your gift will be recognised

We know that leaving a legacy is a very important and personal decision. We are indebted to you for any help you give to the Museum, whatever the size of your gift. We record and recognise all gifts and commitments appropriately, acknowledging your support in our Annual Review and other Museum literature, on our website and within the Museum itself. We also understand that some donors may prefer to remain anonymous.

We also hope that we can thank you for your kindness during your lifetime by inviting you to the Museum for special events and activities including exhibition launches and previews, events and lectures, allowing you to see at first hand how your gift will make a difference.

What you should do next

Making a Will ensures that your wishes are carried out and helps to remove difficulty or uncertainty for those left behind. We advise that you ask a solicitor to help you draw up or amend your Will. When you have made provisions for your family and friends, you may wish to specify the Jewish Museum as a charitable organisation that you would like to help. Leaving a Legacy above a certain threshold can also significantly reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on your whole estate.

You can tell us of your intentions to support the Jewish Museum or arrange to discuss leaving a legacy with us by contacting us:

Development Team
020 7284 7384
Raymond Burton House
129-131 Albert Street

All correspondence and discussions will be treated with absolute confidentiality and sensitivity.

The Jewish Museum’s legacy campaign has been generously
sponsored by The Bluston Charitable Trust