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Jewish Museum and Jewish Military Museum Partnership

The Jewish Museum are working in partnership with the Jewish Military Museum to explore their fascinating collection. This project will ultimately see the two museums come together to tell stories of Jewish life, history and heritage.

We have received funding from the Arts Council England to allow us to work more closely with the fascinating objects in the Jewish Military Museum collection. A research assistant and archivist, Sarah Fairhurst and learning officer, Tom Furber, have been appointed to develop new interpretation and programmes around key objects including the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women Memorial Window designed by Abram Games.

As part of this project our World War I exhibition will showcase the Jewish Military Museum collection to tell the multi-faceted story of Jewish involvement in the Great War.

Sarah is documenting her process of discovery through the Jewish Military Museum stores on her blog which you can find here.

Remember Me - learning workshop

The First World War: Remember Me is an education workshop for schools, which helps students to understand that by investigating people’s lives it can help us to understand what happened in the past. The programme can be tailored to history, english, religious studies or local history classes. For information on the workshop for primary schools click here and for secondary schools click here.


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