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The Objects

Deed box which provided residents of the Jews’ Temporary Shelter with a safe place to keep their valuables

Jews’ Temporary Shelter deed box

Poster advertising The King of Lampedusa, a Yiddish play staged at the famous Grand Palais Theatre in 1943; it enjoyed the longest run of any Yiddish play in London.

Poster for The King of Lampedusa

Traditional Eastern style coffee set from Aden, brought to the UK by a Jewish family forced to flee their home country following the Six Day War in 1967

Coffee set from Aden

Portrait of Menasseh ben Israel, who played an important role in the readmission of the Jews to England in 1656

Rembrandt portrait of Menasseh ben Israel

Bonnet which belonged to a Jewish woman who migrated from Poland to Wales in the late 19th century

Polish bonnet

Decorative plate presented to Israel Zangwill, a prominent writer and political activist, in 1915. The plate was produced to commemorate Zangwill’s robust treatment of a heckler who called him an...

Zangwill plate

Travelling trunk used by Ernst Kohnstamm, a German hop merchant, when he emigrated to England in 1937 as a refugee from Nazism

Travelling trunk

Apron worn by Lisbeth Sokal, who came to Britain in 1938 as a refugee from Nazism and worked as a domestic servant.

Lisbeth Sokal’s apron

Doll belonging to Edith Rothschild, which she carried when she came to Britain on the Kindertransport in 1939

Doll brought on the Kindertransport

Identity tag worn by 17-year-old Margit Freudenbergova when she made her journey from Prague to Britain in 1939 in order to flee Nazi persecution

Luggage label for Margit Freudenbergova

Card to Mr and Mrs Bond, the Dovercourt Bay Holiday Camp manager and his wife, made and signed by young Jewish refugees from Germany who stayed at the camp upon arrival in Britain

Thank you card

An issue of Primrose Leaves magazine produced by the Primrose Jewish Youth Club, founded in 1946 by young survivors of the Holocaust who settled in Britain after the war

Primrose Leaves magazine

Photograph of Dora Shuster collecting money for the London Jewish Hospital

Dora Shuster collecting for the London Jewish Hospital

Lokshen-making machine brought to England from Russia by a Jewish woman who emigrated at the end of the 19th century

Lokshen-making machine