The Resources

These resources will enable you to extend your students’ Jewish Museum learning experience through pre and post visit classroom activities.

We have chosen 16 objects from the museum’s collection for your students to focus on in the classroom.  Each of the objects relate to one of our four Learning Strands – Discovering Judaism, Exploring History, Investigating the Holocaust and Revealing Arts.   Your chosen workshop from your visit to the museum will fall into one of these four strands, for example Shabbat Shalom is part of the Discovering Judaism Learning Strand.

How to use

This online resource has been designed to be used by Key Stage 2 or 3 from a screen at the front of the classroom.  Your students will learn how to analyse source material and objects through our Focus Questions and find out more through the further layers of information provided.

We would suggest that before the class assembles you choose the object or range of objects you wish to focus.  On the Object in Focus pages you will find contextual information in The Object and The Story tabs which we suggest you read through beforehand.  The Focus Questions on the right of the page are designed to guide the object analysis with your students and the contextual information will enable more in depth discussions about the historical, personal and cultural object stories.  The Digital Takeaway tabs contain downloadable classroom activities that relate to your focus object and can be used to enhance your lessons. 

At this point of the site you can either decide to select an Object in Focus that relates to a chosen Learning Strand or explore a theme through our Identifying Themes page.