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Toynbee Hall group poem

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In April 2013, a group of students who live in Tower Hamlets came to the Museum to explore the Jewish heritage of their local area. In a session organised by Toynbee Hall with poet Sam Berkson, they wrote this poem together:


     I’m made of East London

     I'm made of hair gel and V-cuts,
     I’m made of cookies & Cream and Pizza Hut.
     I’m made of gleaming fox eyes sniffing around chicken bones,
     I’m made of R&B beats coming out of headphones.
     I’m made of red sauce from Spice Hut and gum-spotted streets,
     I’m made of big glasses from Tinie Tempah style geeks.
     I’m made of gangs in alleyways and fast cars,
     I’m made of mosques and markets, and shisha bars.
     I’m made of lots of people at the underground,
     I’m made of children playing in the playground.
     I’m made of people who come from hundreds of miles apart,
     I’m made of posters and colour and vibrant street art.
     I’m made of all kinds of musics,
     I’m made of schools, biology, chemistry and physics.
     I’m made of mates that jam & chill,
     I’m made of crowds on Eid that eat at Maida Grill.
     I’m made of the trendy clothes displayed in the shops of Westfield,
     I’m made of classy women going shopping, made up and high-heeled.
     I’m made of high tops, lollipops and Devons Swagger,
     I’m made of late night drunken stagger.