All education programmes must be booked in advance. For more information on educational activities at the Jewish Museum please contact our education officers on +44 (0)20 7284 7384 or

Education Programmes

We are happy to tailor workshops and object handling sessions to suit the needs and interest of your group. Workshops are planned based on the size of your group and the topics you wish to focus on.

Discovering Judiasm

GCSE, AS and A Level groups are welcome to visit the museum independently, or for a planned workshop.

Workshops and visits can be great both as an introducation to Jewish beliefs, concepts and rituals at the start of a course, or as a revision session later in the year.

We are happy to talk to you about what your students require and tailor a session to suit their revision needs. These could be an adaptation of the workshops offered to Key Stage 4 if suitable.

Sessions could include:

  • Exploring the museum’s galleries to recall what they have learnt and find out more – independently or with worksheets.
  • Handling objects from the museum’s collection.
  • Q &A forum for any related questions!

Please speak to an education officer to plan a workshop which suits the needs of your group in terms of their size, depth of study and study programme.

Holocaust education

Set within a carefully structured education programme, a Holocaust survivor interacts with students enabling them to hear personal testimony, ask questions and contemplate meaning.

Use artefacts, documents, photographs and maps as tools for examining evidence and developing skills such as interpretation, analysis and empathy.

Either in conjunction with the Last Goodbye programme or as a separate session, this programme focuses on the stories of individual Kindertransport refugees who will meet students and tell their story, reflecting on the impact of the experience on their life.

Use passports, refugee documentation and testimony from Holocaust survivors to stimulate discussion and debate about human rights, identity and democracy. In conjunction with a filmed encounter with Holocaust survivor Leon Greenman OBE.