If you are unfotunately unable to bring your students to the museum for significant reasons, we can bring an adapted version of our programmes into your classroom (depending on where you are based). This is a unique opportunity for pupils to learn about aspects of Jewish life experientially, work with Jewish objects and talk to Jewish people.

What kind of programmes do you offer?
We offer modified versions of all museum’s education programmes.

How many children would you be prepared to teach during a visit?
Any number, from small groups to a whole year group. Pupil numbers, space available and logistics should be discussed with an education officer in advance of their visit.

How far are you prepared to travel?
We limit ourselves to London and some areas of the Home Counties, depending on where you are situated and the methods of transport available.

How much do you charge?
We charge £100 plus VAT for a half day (plus travel expenses) or £195 plus VAT for a whole day (plus travel expenses).

Can you put us in touch with a Holocaust survivor who would come into our school?
Some members of our team of Holocaust survivor speakers welcome the opportunity to visit schools. However, please bear in mind that our survivors are older people who may be unable to travel far. They may require transport by taxi, especially if you are not within easy reach of public transport.

Can you provide assemblies?
We are happy to lead assemblies for schools in our local area as part of an outreach visit, ie at least half a day's work within the school. This could be in the form of a workshop for particular classes, a training session for teachers, or any other service which would benefit your curriculum. (Please note - charges apply.)

Can we organise an outreach visit in conjunction with a touring exhibition?
Absolutely! Such a visit provides your learners with a range of resources, such as photographs and oral histories, which complement the exhibition displays. For further details of outreach for specific touring exhibitions, please contact the museum on +44 (0)20 7284 7384.

How can I find out more?
All education programmes must be booked in advance. For more information on educational activities at the Jewish Museum please contact our education officers on +44 (0)20 7284 7384 or education@jewishmuseum.org.uk.