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Primary schools

Click on the link below to read some lovely feedback from a Year 5 class after their recent visit to the Jewish Museum.

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Secondary schools

Excerpt from secondary school newsletter:

"As part of their studies in Year 9 Theology and History, the students participated in a cross-curricular day, based around Holocaust Education. The Holocaust was an enormous and unbearable tragedy for humankind, as the generation of the survivors gradually disappears, education about the Holocaust becomes ever more important.  Pupils study various aspects of the Holocaust, for example the importance of democracy, the theological issues related to Judaism, the devastating effects of this genocide and others that continue to happen and the aftermath of the Holocaust and WWII.

The day began with a unique learning opportunity; pupils listed to a talk from a survivor of the Holocaust and took part in a question and answer session. The presentation was both inspiring and powerful and the students asked some thought provoking and mature questions. Joan Salter, the survivor commented on how great an audience the year nines were and the range of questions showed that pupils were really able to engage with the emotional aspects of this horrific event.

We then went to the Jewish Museum in Camden, where pupils took part in four different workshops, which explored such issues as human identity and the problems raised by anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination. One of the sessions was to explore the art of RB Kitaj and this was appreciated by all pupils.

As the leader for this project, I was very impressed and proud of how much the whole year group engaged with these educational activities. Although pupils can develop knowledge and understanding from teachers and textbooks, this day provides first hand testimony, which helps deepen critical thinking skills and enables pupils to empathize appropriately.  Many pupils have since commented about the day and their attitude and responses have been outstanding:

Megan, Year 9: “I have learned so much today and it has me me really think about human rights around the world.”

Jennifer, Year 9: I still cannot even imagine what it was like to go through a concentration camp and come out alive and live with it for the rest of my life”.

Rachel, Year 9: “I really enjoyed the spice box story, this made me think about genocide in a different way. How can we still have this happening to people today?”

We're very grateful for all feedback we receive - please do let us know about your school's visit to the Jewish Museum!