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Kindertransport by Diane Samuels: Putting the Play into Context

Discover the historical story of the Kindertransport enabling your students to place Eva/Evelyn’s experience in context. In addition to exploring the story through Museum artefacts students will have the opportunity to hear personal testimony from someone who was rescued on the Kindertransport.

Explore the key themes of the play in two lively workshops delivered by a Jewish Museum expert and the playwright, Diane Samuels. Diane will model and direct extracts of the play with your students. 

Reflect on the play as studied in class through new eyes thanks to the lively encounters made during this seminar with the playwright, a Kindertransport refugee and a Holocaust specialist from the Museum’s team of educators. This workshop will enhance and enrich your students understanding of the play and bring it to life.

Key Stage 3, 4 and 5
Curriculum Links: English Literature and Language, History, Drama

Works well with:
First World War: Remember Me
Torah: A Way of Life

Please Note: Please allow a minimum of 4 hours for this seminar. Please telephone for details on costing. Booking is subject to Diane Samuels’ availability so please book a term in advance to avoid disappointment.