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The Melting Pot: The Texts of Zangwill

Discover the literature of British-born Jew Israel Zangwill, known as the ‘Jewish Dickens’. Zangwill’s literary texts focus on the struggle for identity by Jewish immigrants moving into the East End of London. Using extracts of text from multiple sources, which can be used as unseen texts in exams, this thought-provoking workshop encourages students to question their ideas on identity.

Explore the historical and contemporary debates on immigration and the impact this has on a person’s identity and culture. Reflect on why Zangwill was the first person to pen the phrase ‘Melting Pot’ and how it endures today. 

Reflect on the concept of identifying oneself as Jewish both historically and in contemporary Britain. Contrast this to how the wider community perceives immigrants and Jews.

Key Stage 3, 4 & 5
Curriculum Links: English Literature and Language, History, Citizenship

Works well with:
First World War: Remember Me
Torah: A Way of Life