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El Otro Futbal and Sivan - Two movies for the price of one!

Date: Thursday 6 February 2014

Time: 7pm

Price: £7.50

Categories: films kicking and screening four four jew

There will be a selection of beers, wine and a range of sweet and savoury meals and snacks available to buy each night.

El Otro Futbol

From La Quiaca to Ushaia. From San Juan to Corrientes. 140 teams from official AFA competitions. Three years of work. A lifetime of passion.


Directed by Zohar Elefant and set in Israel, Sivan is a documentary video piece. By blurring the lines between ethnographic, art film, and reality television aesthetics, Sivan conjures a humorous, tongue-in-cheek answer to Zidane, the 2006 documentary that followed the soccer star through a single game.

This minimalist experimental short is the opposite of a sports documentary. Instead of photographing the field or the athletes, filmmaker Zohar Elefant inverts our gaze, focusing exclusively on the animated, wide-eyed face of the eponymous Israeli soccer fan as she watches a live Hapoel game in a Tel Aviv stadium. The actual athletic contest is never depicted on screen, and each shot is fairly static, so the game is only visible as a reflection on Sivan’s alternately tortured and ecstatic face. In its portrayal of a single viewer’s performative singing, chanting, screaming, mocking, pleading, phone-talking, weeping, and praying, this funny, noisy film manages to move beyond sports to touch lightly on issues of spectatorship, politics, history, religion, and family in contemporary Israel.

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El Otro Futbal and Sivan - JME 440